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August 30, 2011 / williamwac

Exercise to Slim Down:

SLIMMING down or reducing weight in the United States is big business!  This is so because one out of every five persons is overweight, Medical doctors, psychologists and other “notable experts” all agree that “The obesity problem in the United States has reached epidemic proportions at least half the adult population has a weight problem. Exercise to slim down that is what Scientific American encouraged  in one of its news letters to Americans.  Scottish family physician Ian Richardson observed recently “Obesity and its problems are now more pressing than cancer,”

Today special foods and diets, books and magazines about overweight vie with one another for the public’s attention. To provide some sort of solution to the overwhelming overweight problem. Will they succeed? Does it really matter if you are really fat, or even just a little overweight? What are the real facts behind this problem—and how important are they for our well-being?

Scottish family physician Ian Richardson continued “High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, back pains, varicose veins, arthritis, gallstones and a host of other detrimental conditions can be directly related to the problem of excess body fat. Of course it cannot be said that being too heavy is always the direct cause of these body malfunctions. But there is a definite association of them with overweight.”

So if you are carrying excess fat, there is a problem, a truly serious problem, whatever the reason you need to exercise to slim down. Here are some easy ways to slim down. Our research has shown that the safe way to slim down is to eat less and exercise more. Don’t expect that the fat will melt away overnight. Therefore you need to be patient and be persistent in your diet and exercise programs, accept small losses of one or 112 pounds per week. Whatever you do, beware of any diets, slimming aids or devices that promise to take the fat off you fast and painlessly.” Those deals are scams and I truly have no time for them, from my experience  you need a sound weight lost plan. Just remember that hard work always pay off.